What We Do

Founded in 2007, we work to help small and medium-scale farms to be viable, ecologically-minded, and happy in their vocation.










Running a farm isn’t easy. Farmers face the daily challenge of wearing multiple hats and trying to run a business dependent on the weather and volatile markets.

FarmsReach provides practical tools, services, and connections so farmers can learn from each other and optimize their operations.

Membership for farmers and nonprofit organizations is always free.


Helping farmers find trusted suppliers

In 2014, we launched our Source Directory, an “interactive phone book” for farmers to browse trusted businesses and organizations recommended by the FarmsReach community. Rest assured that all listings have been vetted by the farmers and advisors in our network.  View listings by category to find what you’re looking for!

We also worked with farmers and seed industry stakeholders on a Sustainable Seed Marketplace, a long overdue platform to help farmers identify seed that is suitable for their particular region. We demoed the prototype at a recent Organic Seed Growers Conference. Next steps may include a government grant to release the first version for a limited set of seed types.


Helping farmers to transact with each other

As our farmer community grows, our popular Classifieds section continues to be an effective resource to sell or source a wide range of valuable things – from farmland to new farm managers to heritage animals to an entire turnkey farm business operation. Check out what’s new!


Helping the farming community connect

Our model is based entirely on collaboration with farmers and the network of nonprofit organizations that serve them. Our success is tied to the success of our community.

Together, we provide:

  • Active community Conversations, moderated by respected CA farmers and advisors
  • Practical Toolkits, such as Business & Financial Planning, Marketing & Sales, Labor & Worker Safety, Farmland Conservation & Sales, Beginning Farmers & Ranchers, Women In Agriculture and others.
  • Member-generated Classifieds
  • Comprehensive farm-focused Events calendar and Newsroom feed
  • FarmsReach Community Map, with farmer and agricultural industry profiles and direct messaging
  • and more…

We work hard to ensure we don’t duplicate effort of other organizations, but rather bolster their impact and expand their reach. By working together, we’re able to provide the community with easier and faster access to the robust set of services offered by the collective-many.

Our initial focus has been on networks and resources for farmers in California, but we are in the process of expanding our organizational partnerships to other states.  For more information, contact us!