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    Adam Gaska  |  Mendocino Organics  |  Redwood Valley, CA

    Where can you take poultry to get legally processed (i.e. a state or federally inspected facility)? I have heard there is one in Modesto. I am in Mendocino County. I'm looking for a place that does chickens, ducks, and maybe turkeys.

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      |  Riverdog Farm  |  Guinda, CA commented

    We have scheduled drop-offs with New American Poultry. Ask for Howard. (916) 441-1466. There's no minimum number of birds to process, but there is a $50 minimum charge, which is for about 18 birds. Call a day or two ahead of time, and they'll fit you in the schedule.
    12/24/13 1:07 PM, updated

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