Toolkits - Overview

Use our Toolkits to quickly access the information and outcomes you need. We research the vast resources available, survey CA farmers about which they found to be most useful, and convert dense references into short & easy-to-use Info Sheets, Checklists, Spreadsheets and Calculators.

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Business & Financial

Step-by-step guides, easy spreadsheets & software tools.
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Labor & Worker Safety

Labor and employment law, apprenticeship models, inspections and worker safety.
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Marketing & Sales

Choosing the right channels, produce pack standards, easy references.
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Soil Nutrient Management

Nutrient budgeting, crop rotations, tillage, and drought-specific strategy.
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Seed & Planting

How to trial seed, saving seed, calculating what you need, regional seed trial data.
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Water & Irrigation

State of CA water, water conservation, irrigation, technology, fracking & Bay-Delta tunnels.
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Farmland Conservation
& Estate Planning

State of CA farmland, land access, estate planning, easements, climate change, policy & the Rail Project.
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Beginning Farmer & Rancher

Starting a new farm, farmland access, farmer training programs, funding opportunities.
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Women in Agriculture

The growth of women farmers, regional and national networks, funding opportunities & books.
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