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Jane Sooby  |  CCOF  |  Santa Cruz, CA

Subject: how much time does it take for you to register with the California state organic program each year?

Greetings, friends. CCOF is analyzing the costs and benefits of California's state organic program. One thing we are looking at is the amount of time it takes to fill in the registration forms each year. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the time and $$ burden on the organic community, but we need a basis for our recommendations. Any information you can provide on these questions will be quite useful. Thank you!!!

1. What is your experience with the state organic program application process?

2. How much time does it take?

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  |  CCOF  |  Santa Cruz, CA commented

Thank you, everyone, for your responses. After we've completed the analysis, we will post a link here so that you will all be able to see our recommendations. Feel free to contact me at 831-423-2262 ext. 6239 if you'd like to make comment offline.

05/12/15 10:01 AM

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Paul Wirtz  |  Paul's Produce  |  Sonoma, CA

Anyone out there with an opinion about tillers? I'm looking at buying new heavy duty Maschio or Falc or Kuhn. About 80 inch. Parts support, reliability etc.

Thanks Paul

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  |  Paul's Produce  |  Sonoma, CA commented

Kevin, I have a single shank that you're welcome to borrow. -Paul
11/07/13 8:02 AM

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Paul Underhill  |  Terra Firma Farm  |  Winters, CA
The proposed FDA rules for Food Safety set a limit for generic coliform and E. Coli bacteria in irrigation water. Solano Irrigation District, which is considered a very clean source of water and which is also used as a municipal water source in Vacaville and Fairfield, provided me with their water testing results for 2011-2012. Several times during the irrigation season the results would not be considered "in compliance" by the FDA. Under the new standards, any farmer using this water to grow fresh produce would have to treat it to kill bacteria. Does anyone have any experience with treating a large volume of irrigation water that could provide some #s on how much the equipment costs, what different options there are, and what the annual maintenance cost is? We need to communicate to the FDA what the cost is going to be for farmers as well as start pushing for government funding to help... Read More

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  |  Coke Farm  |  San Juan Bautista, CA commented

You bring up what could become a concern for many farmers who irrigate their crops. I don't how the limits for generic coliform were set, but it would seem that different kinds of irrigated crops would have different kinds of risk. Tree crops where irrigation water doesn't contact the fruit would have little risk if irrigated by contaminated water where baby spinach packed in bags would seem to have more. However the limits proposed were determined, I don't think the FDA based it's food safety decisions on cost. I imagine that they used the arbitrary limit( 126 MPUs) suggested by the Leafy Green Marketing Agreement.
01/29/13 11:51 AM

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