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Subject: Updated web host & SSL security on FarmsReach site

Thank you, all, for your patience last week when we migrated FarmsReach to a new web host and upgraded security to the latest/recommended SSL protocol. It was quite an endeavor!! If you have any issues connecting, please email us at, as we're still troubleshooting a few last glitches.

Stay tuned as well about a member survey via email... After six years, we would love to hear your thoughts about what would be (more) useful for your operation. Thanks!

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Testing email notifications! Please disregard this message.

03/21/19 1:20 PM
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It seems email notifications are not working properly at the moment. We're working on it and will post soon to test/confirm they're okay! Thanks for your patience!

03/08/19 12:47 AM, updated

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