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Subject: Curious about climate or wildfire Resilience on your farm? Join our online courses!

Curious about building resilience to climate or wildfire on farm? Farmer Campus is thrilled to announce our newest online courses! Both are self-paced, open enrollment and online. Let us know if you have any questions by writing to You can enroll using the links below.

Help get the word out! Our best outreach tool is word of mouth - please share widely with other folks you think might benefit from these resources, designed specifically for farmers and ranchers facing climate uncertainty.

Climate Resilience via Agroecology (New!)

Drawing on decades of training farmers amidst climate change, Farmer Campus in collaboration with agroecology experts, brings you a self-paced online course where you will learn from climate resilient agriculture experts, experienced farmers, and Farmer Campus’s network of agroecology educators. By taking this course you will have:

  • Access to online forums to help you build relationships, problem-solve and share expertise with other farmers in the USA.

  • Through a series of engaging online videos and innovative assignments, you’ll learn to create and apply strategies to improve environmental conditions on your farm

  • A Climate Resilience Plan just for your farm to help you build resilience and productivity within your management practices

All materials are oriented to confronting the realities of climate change for farmers by drawing on the theory and practice of agroecology and its applications designing resilient farming systems.

Learn more and Enroll Here!

Farming through Wildfire Season (Enrollment Open!)

Farmer Campus in collaboration with Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF), brings you an interactive self-led course that will give you the toolkit needed to reduce the human, production, financial and legal risks from wildfires. You’ll access an engaging online curriculum combined with hands-on activities and a live network of fellow producers. Garner actionable solutions, deepen your understanding and leave with a practical Wildfire Resilience plan to help you, your farm and your community face a future of fire.

Topics include:

  • Land Management for Fire Preparedness and Mitigation

  • Emergency Response, Preparing Your Home, Family and Livestock

  • Understanding Fire Ecology and Reading your Land

  • Community Preparedness and Organizing for Recovery

  • Insurance and Finances

  • Health and Food Safety: During and After Fire

Learn more and enroll here!

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Good job Katie!

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