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Subject: Rust

I wanted to ask folks a couple questions about Rust in garlic. I treated early with Horticultural oil and sulfur. I even cut the heavy stuff out. But now two weeks later the whole patch is rusted! Question #1 Is there a PCA that specializes in organic solutions in the Solano/Yolo area. And question #2, at this late stage in the garlic life will it effect the final product. The plants are just now setting out flowers of which i will be cutting back. Thanks in advance.


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  |  Apricot Lane Farms  |  Moorpark, CA commented

Hi Ben,

I'm still a pretty novice farmer, so I wouldn't rely 100% on my experience, however, I have grow pretty nice garlic (inchellium variety/soft neck) the past couple years. Every year I get rust and it doesn't worry me a bit, it has never affected the final product for me. I have not done any treatment though of what you mentioned above (horticultural oil & sulfur) so I don't know how that would affect the crop differently? Mine are also not flowering, so you must be growing a hard neck variety?

05/26/19 6:08 AM

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