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Subject: What is going on with GoodEggsSF?

I know that they shut down their other locations, but how solid is the San Francisco hub? I have heard that they will remain open until at least January. Does anyone have any other info? And if you were selling through GoodEggs and have moved, who have you chosen?

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  |  Devils Gulch Ranch  |  Nicasio commented

I am still selling to SF Good Eggs. The closing of the LA Good Eggs was handled VERY poorly. However, SF seems to be working out some of their bugs, and I intend to continue selling to them. One reason that it works for me is that I am going right by there for other deliveries a couple of times per week.

09/21/15 6:33 AM
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  |  Jellicles Farm  |  Sunol , CA commented

they are not closing in SF. but they have shut down operations in LA, NYC AND New Orleans. Good Eggs isnt working out for me. I am pretty bummed about it..i will elaborate at a later date.

09/20/15 9:43 PM

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