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Subject: Agrointelli Robotti visiting CA ..please reach out if you want to attend a demo

We ran it and tested it in my Sunol field yesterday. I would describe it as an autonomous universal tool carrying platform.

Demos in CA, AZ and hopefully NV. Ping me if you would like to host a demo or attend a demo(this week in Bay Area and one in watsonville)’s going to Bakersfield from there and Yuma for a bit before coming back to CA. I am helping to co ordinate northern Cali demos.

For now, we have a rotovator and sprayer. Looking for a seeder to rent for the demo. Bed width 80inches. Can’t pull high draft like ripper or subsoiler, but works with most PTO implements and those using three point hitch.

I can’t seem to attach the video I took yesterday. Will try again.

cant upload. But this is a YouTube link:

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11/04/19, updated