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Headline: Partner for pastured pork operation

I am looking for an energetic entrepreneur to partner in raising healthful, highly nutritious meat while improving soil fertility on 500+ acres in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. The partner would have knowledge and experience in pastured pork production including marketing, purchasing animals, supplement feed and working with processors. My contribution would be the land and infrastructure including boundary fencing, stock water system, sorting and loading pens, 50% of animal purchases , 50% of operating expenses,marketing and close communication for support and information and planning. Labor when possible.

Partner financial contribution would be day to day management (being there every day) to move pigs, fence and portable shade structures using a holistic planned grazing system; to monitor forage , soil health animal performance , check water and put out supplement feed as needed; marketing; 50% of animal purchases and 50% of operating expenses. I am expecting operation period to be 7 to 8 months annually, April through October. Very good financial return potential. Net split 50 50. I am considering a smaller scale venture for 2018 with full production in 2019. Successful candidate would demonstrate honesty, integrity, solid work ethic, with a commitment to soil health and animal performance. I look forward to a discussion with you to explore our mutual interests, questions, background and experience.

Farm or Business Name: Punkens Place

Location: County road 50, Saguache, CO, 81149

Fulfilled by: 03/01/2018

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