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Headline: Job opportunity at the Cloverleaf Farm

The Cloverleaf Farm is hiring!

The Cloverleaf Farm currently manages a four-acre stone fruit orchard, an acre of mixed annual and perennial crops, an acre of blackberries, a small citrus grove, and multiple hedgerows. We market our fruit and fruit-based value-added products to customers throughout the Sacramento and Bay Area regions via a number of grocery stores, the Davis Farmers Market, the Collins Community Farmstand, our sliding-scale CSA, U-picks, and Ugly Fruit Club. Our goal at the Cloverleaf Farm is to produce excellent fruit while improving our soil, our environment, and our local community. Our vision is to create a thriving farm-ecosystem, burgeoning with insects, wildlife, and soil microorganisms, that minimizes water and energy consumption, as well as other external inputs. We believe in treating ourselves and our customers with care, and we strive to explore innovative farming ideas, foster creativity, and provide an educational forum for the community. As our farm continues to expand and diversify, we aim to develop new markets to further integrate the farm into our local food system. We have lots of ideas and plenty of work to do -- and we could use your help!

We are currently initiating a process of converting the company from a general partnership into a worker-owned cooperative, with the goal to officially convert by Jan 2019. In doing so, we hope to further develop and increase access to opportunities for farmers to work collaboratively and create a community-based farm. Presently, we have three partners -- Emma Torbert, Katie Fyhrie, and Kaitlin Oki -- and we are looking to hire three additional employees for 2018 as prospective member-owners of the co-op. Employees will have the opportunity to participate in a diversity of farm tasks and manage a component of the farm based on their existing skills. To learn more about worker-owned co-ops, take a look at this informational pamphlet from the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives.

Farm or Business Name: Cloverleaf Farm

Location: 8946 Olmo Lane, Davis, CA, 95618

Fulfilled by: 01/31/2018

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