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Headline: Agricultural Employment & Education

Now hiring for the 2019 season

Find a farm job and study agriculture

Job Summary

Apply now to work on a sustainable farm in Nevada County, CA, and join a cohort of emerging farmers for bi-monthly, advanced Ag Skills classes taught in the field by experts and successful farmers. 1 year of real farming experience required for job placement.

Qualified Farm Crew job applicants are passed on to local farms for hiring for the 2019 season with hourly wage ($11/hour and up) and work schedules determined by individual farms.

To learn more and apply, visit our website:

For more info, contact, (530) 913-5480

Responsibilities and Duties

Job responsibilities, work schedule, and wages will be determined by individual farms. Full and part time jobs are available. Job responsibilities vary by farm and may include all production aspects of commercial farms producing vegetables, fruit, flowers, eggs, milk and meat. Early mornings and inclement weather to be expected

Farm to Learn: Ag Skills Education

To complete the program, Farm Crew students must attend Ag Skills class every other week from May to November. These classes are taught on a variety of farms by local, farming professionals. Host-farm work schedules allow for class attendance. Learn more about the course here:

With support from Sierra Harvest staff and feedback from host-farms, Farm Crew students set On-Farm Learning Objectives and track progress throughout the season. There are many learning opportunities on a farm and we want to ensure that students are able to focus on distinct areas of their choice.

Qualifications and SkillsExperience & Education: Ideal candidates for Farm Crew are:

1) Serious about a career in sustainable farming and ranching,

2) Have spent at least 1 full season farming (interested applicants with less experience can apply for a farm-internship through Sierra College. Contact for more info.)

3) Prepared to commit to and work hard for a commercial farming operation the entire 2019 season,

4) Ready and willing to build community with other Farm Crew members,

5) Committed to independent learning.

6) A tuition fee (with payment plan) of $900 for the program includes placement into a paid farm job, participation in the 15-class Ag production skills class, mentorship throughout the season and regular meetings to assess the season and set learning goals.



  • Assistance finding farm employment on a sustainable farm. Pay range- $11/hour and up
  • 15, 3-hour classes focusing on various aspects of sustainable farming methods taught by experienced local farmer owners.
  • Guidance and support to set and track on-farm learning objectives.
  • Exposure to a diversity of local farms and the opportunity to learn directly from the farmers themselves.
  • Have fun and network at Ag related social & community events.

Farm Crew Ag Skills Course - Class Topics, 2019

  • Plant Propagation, Transplants and Green House Management
  • Field, Soil and Bed Preparation – Getting the Ground Ready for Planting
  • Best Practices in Row Crop Irrigation
  • How to Take a Soil Test and Interpret the Results
  • Ecological Weed Management, Cultivation and Direct Seeding
  • Diversified Farming: Livestock Integrated with Field Crops
  • Small Farm Machine Operation and Maintenance
  • Cover Crops and Soil Biology
  • Seed Production and Seed Saving
  • Crop Planning, Successions and Plant Rotations
  • Crop Season Extension Ideas
  • Permaculture
  • Biodynamics
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