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Subject: Now Open: Farmers Build Wildfire Resilience - An Online Course for Farmers

We are pleased to announce that the Self-Led version of our Fire Resilience Online Course for Farmers is now open for enrollment! This course was designed for California Farmers, but is open to farmers and ranchers in all states wanting to face a future of fires. See below and website for details, and start building fire resilience on your farm today. This course is free and open to the public. Contact for more information.
Katie Brimm
Farmer Campus in partnership with CAFF

Farmers Build Wildfire Resilience:
An Online Course for Farmers

Are you farming in a fire-prone area and overwhelmed by the “new normal” of wildfires? Wondering how to adapt?

This (free) online coursewas made for you.

Drawing on decades of training small-farmers amidst climate change, Farmer Campus in collaboration with the Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF), brings you a self-led online course that will give you the toolkit needed to reduce human, production, financial and legal risks from wildfires.
Create actionable solutions, deepen your knowledge of wildfire risk and emergency preparedness, and carry-out a hands-on fire resilience plan to help you and your farm face a future with fire.
Learn more and Enroll Here to start building fire resilience today.

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