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Emily Buerer  |  Community Alliance with Family Farmers  |  Davis

Subject: Call for small farm tools and tech workshop speakers!

The Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) and the Farmers Guild is hosting a Small Farm Tech Expo December 8-9 in Forestville, where we’ll showcase technology, equipment, and tools useful for small to mid-scale farms through workshops and demonstrations.

We’re looking for farmers and ranchers, technical advisors, and industry folks familiar with solar, irrigation management tools and tech, and/or whole orchard recycling who are interested in hosting or participating in a one hour workshop on December 9. For industry representatives, we’re looking for someone who can speak to specific considerations around choosing and managing a system or technology for the farm without explicitly promoting a specific product. Growers and ranchers, we want to hear about what tools and tech you've used as well!

You can submit a workshop proposal through this link

If you’re interested in being part of the expo or have any questions, please reach out to

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Roy Bachrach  |  Bridge-Med  |  HOUSTON

Subject: Gravity based drip irrigation - NO filters NO power required

Hello there!

Not sure how many of you are familiar with drip irrigation and how efficient it is to be able to utilize so little water to achieve so much more yield.

N-Drip ( is designed to benefit farmers as a cost-effective alternative to both flood and high-pressure drip irrigation.

We are looking for farmers who are willing to trial our drip system on a 5-10 acre field. If you FLOOD irrigate your field and interested in participating in our program and save money, please contact me directly.

We are not commercial yet, just looking for partners for success.

Take a look at this video from Dell City:

Feel free to call me and be a part of an amazing, simple and cost-effective system!

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06/13/19, updated
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Jeff Mitchell  |  UC Cooperative Extension  |  Parlier, CA

Subject: New video series to spark interest in vegetable production of the future

We are pleased to announce that a new series of 26 instructional videos on vegetable production is being launched through the University of California’s Agricultural and Natural Resources You Tube channel beginning this coming Monday, May 13th. We encourage you to sign up at the You Tube channel to begin receiving weekly reminders of new video “premieres” that will be released every Monday morning at 8 o’clock.

Professors from four California universities, UC Davis, Fresno State, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and Chico State, at which vegetable production courses are offered, teamed up to prepare and produce the videos. The series covers a full range of related topics and while primarily focusing on California, also includes topics from beyond the State as well.

We encourage your help in getting the word out about this series.
If I can be of further help, please call me at (559) 303-9689.


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FarmsReach Team  |  FarmsReach  |  Berkeley, CA

Subject: Transitions: Tom Willey of T&D Willey Farms

We’re excited and honored to share the last in our series featuring recently-retired, influential leaders in the CA sustainable agriculture movement: Tom Willey of T&D Willey Farms !

A long-time farmer, advocate and activist in the organic sector, Tom shares his reflections and ideas after 40 years of farming in California.

Topics include:

  • Industry Reflections
  • Opportunities & Advice for Smaller-Scale/Newer Farms
  • Responsible Relationships Between Older & Younger Farmers
  • Soil Management, Climate Change & AgTech
  • The Food Commons
  • Closing Remarks [to the next generation]

We posted both (meaty) Highlights as well as a full Transcript.

It’s always a treat to have a leisurely conversation with someone so knowledgable of the industry and steeped in the community. Thank you, Tom, for taking the time! We wish you all the best in your years of fun and discovery

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09/07/18, updated
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Ernesto Montenero  |  Sustainable Technologies  |  Alameda, CA

Subject: Direct Solar provide 20years of free pumping at Full Belly farm

Capay Valley, CA – Agriculture has always been part of California since the beginning, but with an impending drought, the sustainable utilization of our natural resources has been brought to the forefront. Full Belly Farm in Capay Valley is committed to organic and sustainable farming practices since 1985. Their latest commitment is an innovative renewable energy project: an off-grid solar pumping system by Sustainable Technologies. This direct solar system pump operates independently throughout the day. No power drop required and no electricity bill. The Varisun pumping controller can run any 3 phase pump.

The system sits on nearby grassland that the farm recently acquired, but it had no power within reach. The cost to install power near the well was unreasonable, and more expensive than the solar PV system itself. Irrigating the land would require power, so the farm chose to produce power where they

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  |  Yolo Press  |  Winters, CA commented

Just to clarify the options: Photovoltaic panels produce direct current (DC) electricity. The Full Belly installation uses an inverter/transformer plus controls (plus phase converter?) to convert this to AC (alternating current) to power the pump (the pump runs on AC). My system uses a pump that runs on direct current (DC) power, so there is no inverter/transformer, no phase converter, no controls. It is a much simpler system for off-grid pumping.

06/12/18 8:21 AM

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Thomas Aaron Dinwoodie  |  Feral Heart Farm  |  Sunol, CA

Subject: in search of 2" aluminum irrigation pipe with risers and connectors

Any leads on 2" aluminum pipe with connectors and risers with sprinklers? I know 3" is the more common size. Does anyone have a better solution to pre-irrigating for weed flush or early fall tillage? Would lay flat with risers and cam lock fittings work with some sort of staking?

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  |  Camp Grant Family Farm  |  Redcrest , CA commented

That would be E2809CRain for RentE2809D maybe still in Woodland. 
03/15/18 7:02 AM

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Rachel Kohn Obut  |  Lunita Farm  |  Napa, CA

Subject: Iron in Well Water

I'm just starting a vegetable farming venture on an acre of land (hopefully). I had already begun to invest in the project so I'm committed to moving forward if possible. Unfortunately, I just received the water test and iron level is listed at 8 mg/L. I've done a little research online and it sounds like that is going to be problematic. Can anyone give me more information about this? Are there affordable ways to remove iron, or irrigation systems that can handle this amount of iron. Normally, I have used t-tape, which I understand may not be able to handle this level of iron. I'd so appreciate any resources or information anyone can share. I do not want to give up on this project, but maybe I will have to?

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  |  Water Lever  |  Somerville, MA commented

If you decide to go with a treatment, check out We market a product called Phyto-Cat which uses a liquid fermentation to eliminate scaling in irrigation systems. It is not acidic or toxic and it helps to improve the soil as well. It costs $70 a gallon which is enough to treat an acre of drip irrigation for at least one full growing season. It's a new technology which began being used in irrigation in 2016 and we have already helped several farmers in California deal with sever Iron reducing bacteria problems in their irrigation systems.

02/07/18 6:52 PM, updated

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Aubrey White  |  Agricultural Sustainability Institute At UC Davis  |  Davis, CA

Subject: Nutrient Mgmt Virtual Field Day: Monitoring nutrient and moisture levels to maximize productivity

Welcome to the Nutrient Management Virtual Field Day! Here is our first topic to kick things off:

Clearly, in limited water situations, monitoring your nutrient and moisture helps maximize productivity. What are your top tips for farms to accomplish this? What monitoring practices do you use? How did you adapt your monitoring practices for the drought?

Below, our featured panelists will respond, and then we invite YOU to share any ideas, tips or questions you have as well.

For bios of our panelists and to learn more about the Series, check out the Nutrient Management Solutions group. This Nutrient Management Series in Times of Drought Series is a collaboration of UC SAREP, FarmsReach and Sustainable Conservation.

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11/17/14, updated

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  |  Customized Water Systems  |  Modesto, CA commented

Hello Franz thanks for quick http://feedback.We are tracking infiltration depths with GPS moisture probes wirelessly connected to the matched Software package to track improvements. Using either the frequency drivenC2A0 Hydrosmart water systems or the ESP frequency driven water systemsWater Infiltration root zone depth is faster and deeper. On almonds we are seeing approx. 18" deeper penetration infiltration. We will be in Phoenix at the Irrigation show this week. If you are wondering where to get more info go to Or http://www.customizedwatersystems.comWe own USA distribution support on these non flow restricted water systems. The systems creates scalar energy wetter water with hydrogen bonds broken. Wetter water soaks in the ground faster and breaks up scale into usable root nutrients in high TDS water. Units are all Green http://performance.We are dropping 3 more ESP... Read More
11/25/14 10:31 PM

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Mike Byrne  |  Solid Ground Farm llc  |  Belchertown, MA

Subject: DIY irrigation Media Filter

Hello, I'm trying to build a media filter for an irrigation system, likely using two54 story, two 45 gallon drums and pvc piping. It uses sand and gravel, water is forced through the danged. I have a general schematic, bit not enough details. I know that a pressure relief, I mean air vent, is involved. Specifically, I am quivering what size air purged I will require. Any information helps. Thanks.

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  |  Terra Firma Farm  |  Winters, CA commented

I don't even know my own system works. However, I will will say that if you are running 40 GPM through a filter that can only handle 9, your big problem is going to be volume not pressure. If the filter is only designed to handle 30 gpm of water flow, you are very quickly going to overwhelm its ability to filter the water.

You should be able to put a simple valve before the media filter to restrict the flow going in. It should not damage your pump, however, it's a waste of energy because the pump will run at the same speed it normally does.

The 9 GPM capacity of the filter will also cause you problems down the line, as I mentioned in one of my previous replies, unless your irrigation system is sized or controlled to only use that much water (or preferably less). You will lose pressure and the filtration will stop working.

My concern with anyone trying to DIY this is that even using professional

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11/07/16 2:34 PM

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Jacob Roberson  |  Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF)  |  Fresno, CA

Subject: Food Safety Regional Lead for Tulare, Fresno, Madera, and Merced counties

Good Morning Ya'll,

My name is Jacob Roberson and I am the Food Safety Regional Lead for Tulare, Fresno, Madera, and Merced counties for a non-profit organization called Community Alliance with Family Farmers (new to Fresno area). CAFF is well established all over California except for the Central Valley which is where I am based out of (Fresno to be exact). I wanted to use this post as a source to contact farmers who are struggling with food safety and cannot afford to hire an outside consultant to come to their farm, perform assessments, help with documentation, and get their farm ready for a 3rd party audit. I perform the same duties as an outside consultant but my service is no cost to the farmer. CAFF is a non-profit organization looking to better food safety standards and procedures practiced on small farms / farms at a disadvantage (financial hardships, language barriers, new farmers, etc.).


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