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David Plescia  |  New Family Farm  |  Sebastopol, CA

Subject: Tractor models that have worked? The classic One-Tractor dilemma

Howdy Farmers,

I am looking for specific tractor models, old or new (manufacturer, model, and year) that veggie growers have really liked, so that I can search them used on TractorHouse. Our situation is this...

My partner and I are tooling up to break ground on a 6-8 acre, diverse vegetable CSA in Sebastopol. We are researching tractors, and deep into the classic "one tractor conundrum". With the ability to only afford one tractor, we would like to have a versatile one. We'd like it to be able to do primary tillage, as well as has have properly spaced and thin enough tires to get it into our shaped beds to help renovate beds for second-plantings (to undercut, disc, rototill, or spade), to weed the furrows and to possibly flame-weed (if we can find a 60" tractor mounted flame weeder). We will cultivate in-row manually the first years.

Our requirements are: ~50 horsepower, 4WD, 60" center-to-center tread

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In Topics Equipment, Beginning Farmers & Ranchers, Anything Goes

In General FarmsReach community, North Coast Farmers Guild: Sebastopol, Cooperation Among Farmers, Nevada County Guild

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12/01/16, updated

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  |  Massey Ferguson Tractors Nigeria  |  Lagos commented

Our company Massey Ferguson Tractors Nigeria provides Complete Farming Machinery Solutions in Nigeria and provides complete consultation to our clients in Nigeria. The farming solutions start from Soil Preparation to Seed Planting Equipment, Spraying, Fertilizing, Reaping, and Threshing, Bailing to Haulage Equipment. Best Service Company in Agriculture Farm Equipment Providers in Nigeria, Best Farm equipment Dealer in Nigeria
Our Products are:
Disc Plough, Fodder Chopper, Front Blade, Rear Blade, Rice Planter, Wheat Thresher, Pintle Hook, Bed Shape Planter, Boom Sprayer, Border Disc, Chisel Plough, Cotton Ridger, Disc Plough, Farm Trailer, Farm Trolley, Fertilizer Spreader, Fodder Cutter, Front Blade, Hammer Mill, Hydraulic Trailers, Jib Crane, Landscape Rakes, Lawn Mower, Maize Sheller, Mould Board Plough, Offset Disc Harrow With Wheels, Post Hole Digger, Potato Digger,

Need help? Talk to an Expert
+92 310 644 7788

12/20/21 7:54 AM

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Telkes Solar  |  Telkes  |  Leonia

Subject: Leasing land for solar energy projects

Has anybody leased farmland to solar energy developers?

Here is some info on how to determine how valuable your land is.

Reach out to to tell us about your experience combining agriculture with solar energy.

In Topics Growing Structures: Greenhouses, Hoop Houses, etc., Business & Financial Planning, Funding Opportunities, Farmland Conservation, Sales & Estate Planning, Weather & Climate Change

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Aparna Gazula  |  UCCE Santa Clara County  |  San Jose, CA

Subject: Check out Urban Agriculture in the Santa Clara County 2019 Crop Report!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about urban agriculture in Santa Clara County, then check out the newly released 2019 Crop Report! This year’s report not only includes data about crop trends in the county overall, but it highlights several urban agriculture organizations in the area and their journey to provide food access and improve community resilience in the urban communities that need it most. These organizations work tirelessly to not only improve food access within the city, but to also educate, unite, and revitalize their communities. Learn more about their work and impact by reading the 2019 Crop Report here.

In Topics Urban Agriculture

In General FarmsReach community

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Aparna Gazula  |  UCCE Santa Clara County  |  San Jose, CA

Subject: Eat ethnic vegetables? You can help small farmers by filling out a quick survey!

Survey link. Small-scale farms throughout the US grow a diversity of produce, including many culturally important crops. New food safety regulations could impact these farms, especially immigrant and refugee farmers. Produce that is usually eaten raw, like lettuce, has stricter requirements for farmers to follow, while produce that is almost always cooked, like potatoes, could have fewer requirements. The FDA has a list of crops that are almost always cooked before eating, and these crops are exempt from federal food safety regulations. However, this list is mostly mainstream crops and does not include many types of produce consumed by diverse cultural communities in the US. This means that although some culturally important crops are hardly ever eaten raw, they are still subject to regulation because the FDA does not have data from US consumers to show that they are usually cooked.

We are conducting a

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In Topics Food Safety, Policy, Anything Goes

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Katie Brimm  |  Farmer Campus  |  Sebastopol

Subject: Now Open: Farmers Build Wildfire Resilience - An Online Course for Farmers

We are pleased to announce that the Self-Led version of our Fire Resilience Online Course for Farmers is now open for enrollment! This course was designed for California Farmers, but is open to farmers and ranchers in all states wanting to face a future of fires. See below and website for details, and start building fire resilience on your farm today. This course is free and open to the public. Contact for more information.
Katie Brimm
Farmer Campus in partnership with CAFF

Farmers Build Wildfire Resilience:
An Online Course for Farmers

Are you farming in a fire-prone area and overwhelmed by the “new normal” of wildfires? Wondering how to adapt?

This (free) online coursewas made for you.

Drawing on decades of training small-farmers amidst climate change, Farmer Campus in collaboration with the Community Alliance with
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FarmsReach Team  |  FarmsReach  |  Berkeley, CA

Subject: CCOF Update: August 25th

"2020 has been a wild ride. A national pandemic, a looming recession, a racial injustice reckoning, and now unprecedented wildfires sweeping through CCOF’s hometown of Santa Cruz, California and across Northern California.

But, despite it all, CCOF is stronger than ever before. We implemented successful emergency preparedness strategies, including securing our company and member data to ensure as little interruption in services as possible. Additionally, our skilled remote workforce ensures stability when staff and members experience geographic-specific natural disasters.

We are also adept at helping our members through rough times. When disaster strikes, we quickly implement fee waivers and extend deadlines for certified members. Once the immediate dangers have passed, our Bricmont Hardship Assistance Fund is available to any organic producer in the nation facing any hardship. Since 2007, we have given

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Karen Giovannini  |  University of California Cooperative Extension  |  Santa Rosa, CA

Subject: CFAP Program updates - additional commodities + extended deadline

USDA has updated their list of eligible commodities for the #CFAP program! More specialty crops and nursery products are now included. DEADLINE EXTENDED to 9/11.

In Topics Funding Opportunities, Policy, News & Events

In General FarmsReach community

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08/12/20, updated
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Ron Weintraub  |  Weintraub Farm  |  Mill Valley

Subject: Your interest or referrals to partner in a new farm

I am purchasing some prime farmland in Ventura County, and I’m looking for a partner with either capital and/or energy to help create a sustainable farm. I was part of the original farm at UC Santa Cruz with Alan Chadwick and John Jeavons 50 years ago, and I’ve also worked on farms in California and Israel. I’m now 67 years old and I think too old to farm myself, but I’d like to be involved. The ideal partner would like to co-invest and run the farm, but I’m also open to finding a partner to ‘simply’ co-design and manage operations which I would fund.
If you are interested, or have any ideas on where to go to find such a partner, please contact me, I would greatly appreciate any time or thoughts you might have.
RJ Weintraub

In Topics Business & Financial Planning, Anything Goes

In General FarmsReach community

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Katie Brimm  |  Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture  |  Sebastopol, CA

Subject: The Moment for Food Sovereignty is Now

New piece published today! In the time of COVID-19, The Moment for Food Sovereignty is Now: From panic planting to cooperative gardens, farmers focused on equity and food justice know that ‘if you can feed yourself, you can free yourself.’

In Topics Seed & Planting, News & Events

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Katie Brimm  |  Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture  |  Sebastopol, CA

Subject: Last Call! Join (free) Fire Resilience Online Course for Farmers & Ranchers

Hi all,

Are you overwhelmed thinking about how to face a future of intensifying wildfires? Join our newest 7 week online course: “Farmers Build Fire Resilience, Feb 13-March 26 2020” to help you face a future of fires. Free to farmers and ranchers, though anyone interested may join as well. By the end of the course, you’ll have built your own Resilience Plan specific to your site that you can start applying right away.

Last Call - Sign up and Reserve your Space

Feel free to reach out with questions to We look forward to learning with you!

Topics Include:

Land Management for Fire Preparedness & Mitigation

Emergency Response

Preparing Your Home, Farm Crew, Family & Livestock

Community Preparedness & Organizing for Recovery

Fires & Finances

Health & Food Safety

Understanding Fire Ecology

Katie Brimm and the Fires Resilience Team

In Topics Weather & Climate Change, News & Events

In General FarmsReach community, North Coast Farmers Guild: Sebastopol, CA Women, Food and Agriculture Network

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