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Posted by Bri Grosskopf  |  Center for Land-Based Learning  |  WOODLAND

Headline: Farmers - looking to hire your next Farm Manager? Become an employer in our registered Apprenticeshi

Develop your key employees on our dime. Are you a farmer searching for your future manager or supervisor? Whether you have a current employee who could use some additional training, or are seeking to hire a new team member, you can use a registered apprenticeship to ensure you get the skills your operation needs. The Beginning Farm and Ranch Management Apprenticeship provides a structured pathway for aspiring farm managers to develop the knowledge and skills they need to be successful on your farm.

We are seeking Farmers who want to participate in this program! Farmers can enroll a current employee or be connected with highly qualified candidates. During this two year program, apprentices complete 3,000 hours of on-the-job training and 250 hours of fundamental coursework before graduating at the Journeyman level as a Beginning Farm and Ranch Manager. The Center for Land-Based Learning covers all

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Posted by Huaqiang99 Zhengzhou  |  Fertilizer machine manufacturers  |  Zhengzhou

Headline: Biofertilizer project share with you

The biofertilizer project is to be designed and used to produce the bio organic http://fertilizer.In the fertilizer manufacturing process it is to be equipped with different type and series fertilizer equipment.

In the fertilizer manufacturing process,it is to be equipped with the fertilizer mixer machine and fertilizer granulator machine to deal with the raw materials and then it is to be equipped with the fertilizer granulator machine to make bio organic fertilizer http://granulator.When producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator,the flat die granulator machine ,which this type granulator machine also can be used in organic fertilizer production line,is to be used to make bio organic fertilizer granulator.

The fertilizer machine manufacturers designed the biofertilizer project improve the working efficient of the bio organic fertilizer production http://process.At the same time,it also simplifies the fertilizer manufacturing process.

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Posted by Eric Bost  |  Sprout LA  |  Santa Monica, CA

Headline: Los Angeles Chef-Restaurateur Seeking Farm Collaboration

We are a team of creative restaurateurs opening a new project in mid city Los Angeles this Spring 2018. Our goal is to collaborate with a farm in a unique and dynamic way, outside of the typical provider/ buyer relationship.

This collaboration can be achieved in a variety of ways, ultimately providing stability for both the restaurant and the farm via the following:

  • The restaurant will have access to a consistent and original source of quality vegetables, fruits, flowers and honey.
  • Planting schedules and menu development will coincide, allowing the teams to develop creative applications for all materials throughout their lifecycle.
  • The farmer will have access to a predictable and stable source of revenue, providing security for planning and investment.

Our team is sensitive not only to the variety and the quality of the produce, but also to the methodology with which it has been produced. Are we

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01/03/18, updated
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Posted by Gill Costa  |  Costa Organics  |  Lincoln, CA

Headline: Davis Instruments Soil moisture weather station


Contact Phone: 530-635-0070

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Posted by Liya Schwartzman  |  California FarmLink  |  Sacramento, CA

Headline: Agrarian Elders Farm Succession Needs Assessment

Hello FarmsReachers! California FarmLink is conducting a Needs Assessment aimed at collecting data about farm succession and business transitions for local farmers and ranchers. Would you help us by completing our Needs Assessment and distributing it to farmers you know who are thinking about passing on their farm to the next generation?

In 2014, a group of pioneering organic farmers, coined “Agrarian Elders” by The New York Times, gathered on the California coast to discuss “a national emergency”--the greying American farmer. According to the 2012 USDA Agricultural Census, the number of California farmers over 65 has grown by 20%, while the number of beginning farmers decreased by 23%.

Many seasoned farmers are asking: “Can I retire? Can I pass my knowledge and legacy to the next generation?” At the same time, young farmers are asking, “How can I get

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Contact Phone: 831-425-0303

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Posted by Sarah Silva  |  Green Star Farm  |  Sebastopol, CA

Headline: Offering whole or half pasture raised pork

Green Star Farm is offering whole or half hogs for $4.68 per live weight pound.

For more information visit our CropMobster add:

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