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Subject: Legislation against animal and environmental rights.

Hey all,

I feel this is really important for the farming community to be part of as it will def affect factory farming or more accurately those who try to bring attention to or speak out against cruel animals practices. Lots of good information on there. Thanx!

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Food Security In the Wake of Rancho: Something to Gain from the Shut-Down of the North Bay's Only USDA Slaughterhouse?

The recent recall, closure and sale of the North Bay’s only USDA-inspected slaughterhouse made headlines nationally, while our own food community—in a region that prides itself on pure, humane and locally produced ingredients—woke-up to how even the best-intentioned farmers and ranchers are entwined within a larger, more complex and often fragile system.

After the USDA issued and then expanded a second recall on all meats processed at Rancho Feeding Corp., the decades-old slaughterhouse voluntarily shut its doors as investigations ensued. Much of Rancho’s business relied upon the slaughter of retired dairy cows from all over the state, leaving specific time slots open to smaller-scale local producers of beef and pork, many of whom make up the myriad of our region’s

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Herd and Flock reduction sale- Due to the drought, we're reducing our flock and herd size. Nothing wrong with the animals, we are just not going to have enough feed. They are all in good shape, up to date on vaccinations, etc.

Cattle- Angus/Hereford/Dexter crosses and pure bred but not registered Belted Galloways. We have pretty much all ages from weaned calves, yearlings on up to bred or cow/calf pairs.

Sheep-Shropshire crosses. Ram is from Fred Groverman, ewes are a mix of suffolk, colombia, dorset, rambouillet, wensleydale. Everything from weaned lambs up to ewes.

We'll be slowly shipping off animals starting in March and continuing until August. Whatever isn't sold to people will end up going to auction.

We are just north of Ukiah, with easy access right off 101. Call, message, or email, 707.272.5477 if you are interested.


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01/26/14, updated
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