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Subject: Hey All, I'm looking for soil testing services......

Hey All,

I'm looking for soil testing services... I've found A&L Laboratories West as a recommendation. Didn't know if there were others that our community used? I'm interested for our community gardeners in Mendo county, should they want a resource to go to that's fairly affordable.


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  |  Gardens Project Of North Coast Opportunities  |  Ukiah, CA commented

Koby, thanks, this is a great resource!
01/17/14 10:46 AM

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As you may have seen in the FarmsReach blog, The Farmers Guild is striking out as a new non-profit org, and we need everyone's help to keep building community one Guild at a time! We've launched a Barnraiser campaign to help us kick start the organization. Please take a second to check out the video. For the price of a beer you can help make sure that this resource keeps going! There are also lots of fun rewards for donating at a higher levels.

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  |  The Farmers Guild  |  San Francisco, CA commented

Check out The Farmers Guild in Civil Eats today!

07/21/14 9:27 AM

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Scholarships are still available for the Biodynamic Association's pre-conference event at EcoFarm Conference later this month. Titled, "The Farm as a Living Organism," this full-day event (January 22) will cover biodynamic viticulture, integrating livestock and vegetables, biodynamic preparations and composting, and the inner path of the biodynamic farmer...Adam and I are excited to present "Integrating Livestock and Vegetables for Sustained Fertility, Food, and Community." We'll get into the nitty gritty of nutrient budgets, labor and time management, social relationships, and more.

Learn more about the event at and apply for a scholarship at

Hope to see some of you there!



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Holistic Orchard Management workshop with Michael Phillips at The Apple Farm in Philo on January 19, 2014. See the flier attached. Space is limited, so you might have to act fast if you want to attend. Should be a great workshop and wassailing afterward!


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12/31/13, updated

A sustainable local food system is built upon sustainable farms. Winter is a good time to put your pencil to the paper and plan for a successful growing season ahead! Please see our flier attached about West Company's FREE farm business consulting services and visit our website for more details.

Check out West Company's upcoming Value-Added Food Production Workshops in January! Diversify your farm income and offer the community delicious creations made by you!


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12/10/13, updated
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