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WORKSHOP: Drip Smart: Improving Irrigation Efficiency using Economical Moisture Sensors, Timers and Controllers

Row crop, fruit trees and berries often require regular irrigation for successful crops. Save water and money by irrigating wisely!

Come learn strategies to maintain your productivity using less water. This workshop is geared for small scale diverse row crop and orchard production. Reps from Wyatt and Irrometer will present on the latest techniques to monitor soil moisture conditions and apply the appropriate amount of water. Turns out most growers over-water!
Using probes and controllers helps us conserve water and maximize production. We will learn about budget options for monitoring, as well as options to scale up and improve our irrigation efficiency. Additional information and resources will be provided.

The Bernier family has several generations working together on farms in the Dry

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In today's blog we're kicking off our two-month series of features about Water Management & Drought with American Farmland Trust's picks of Outstanding Leaders in smart water management and stewardship across California. We hope these folks give you some practical ideas and inspiration for your own farm or ranch, while providing a glimmer of hope that it’s never too late to improve your systems!

Stay tuned for other stories in our series, which will be a mix of practical toolkits created by our partners and new tips from Cooperative Extension advisors, irrigation equipment suppliers, experienced vegetable and livestock farmers, and newer farmers coming up with their own innovative solutions.

If you’ve integrated new irrigation or water management solutions on your farm, visit our Conversations Page and post a question or comment! We’d love to share your tips about what’s worked well for you.

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A sustainable local food system is built upon sustainable farms. Winter is a good time to put your pencil to the paper and plan for a successful growing season ahead! Please see our flier attached about West Company's FREE farm business consulting services and visit our website for more details.

Check out West Company's upcoming Value-Added Food Production Workshops in January! Diversify your farm income and offer the community delicious creations made by you!


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12/10/13, updated
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