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Subject: Wholesale and Brokers

Hello Everyone,

Over the past few years almost all my marketing has been done directly through me to CSA customers and particular local restaurants. We are in the process of expanding the farm and looking towards having excess in the future much beyond what our local CSA and current restaurants are consuming.

So today my main questions are, 1. Does anyone have any experience with any local/ semi-local distributors or wholesalers in Northern California? 2. Good or Bad experiences? please elaborate. 3. Do they pay fair prices? 4. Who if anyone would you recommend? 5. What kind of food safety and insurance hurdles did you have to deal with to land these larger accounts?

I know we have a lot of experience on the boards here, and I am sure I am not the only one with the issue of growing more food and trying to figure out how to best sell it outside of their local markets without selling out to the big man and making stupidly low returns?

Thanks in advance,

-Kevin Nowell

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  |  Humble Bee Hill Farms  |  Shingle Springs, CA commented

Does anyone have any experience with any other particular wholesalers or brokers? Anyone who is better or worse or any red flags for companies to avoid? I guess I am looking for some specifics so I can make some calls out to these different buyers and get some input.

Thanks everyone for your input, it has all been very helpful.

02/16/15 4:36 PM

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Mobile Refrigerated Walk-In Unit for sale.

I had this custom built for our farm just this past summer. My family and I are moving over seas, so we hope that another farmer can get the most out of this awesome implement.

Asking $10,500/OBO. I'm open to all offers.

If your interested, call (707) 670-0010 or email at

Thank You.

And if anyone can help guide me to where I can post on the classifieds, I greatly appreciate it.

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