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Tonight at the Mendocino Farmers Guild: alternative energy use on the farm. Solar powered tractors? Bicycle-powered chicken pluckers? What else you got?

Not in Mendo? How about offering some ideas for our Guilders up north to consider? Suggestions, resources, questions?

When: tonight (tuesday) at 7pm
Where: Little Lake Grange, 291 School St, Willits, CA
Free, farm-fresh potluck, open to all

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Mobile Refrigerated Walk-In Unit for sale.

I had this custom built for our farm just this past summer. My family and I are moving over seas, so we hope that another farmer can get the most out of this awesome implement.

Asking $10,500/OBO. I'm open to all offers.

If your interested, call (707) 670-0010 or email at

Thank You.

And if anyone can help guide me to where I can post on the classifieds, I greatly appreciate it.

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A sustainable local food system is built upon sustainable farms. Winter is a good time to put your pencil to the paper and plan for a successful growing season ahead! Please see our flier attached about West Company's FREE farm business consulting services and visit our website for more details.

Check out West Company's upcoming Value-Added Food Production Workshops in January! Diversify your farm income and offer the community delicious creations made by you!


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12/10/13, updated
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