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Pastured Broilers and Processing

05/17/19, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

This workshop is for prospective, beginning, or intermediate farmers interested in raising broiler flocks free-ranged or on pasture.

During this day-long workshop, participants will get familiarized with several aspects of pastured-poultry production.

Dr. Dan Famini of Santa Rosa Junior College will lead a hands-on lab in which participants will learn how to slaughter and dress birds for meat. Aprons will be available, but please dress appropriately with closed-toe shoes and long pants.

A farmer round table discussion will feature pastured poultry producers who offer a practical perspective on the realities, opportunities, and challenges of the poultry business, with an emphasis on flock health and marketing.

The workshop will feature talks led by experts in the field regarding the process of slaughter and dressing chickens, regulations, and food safety.

The day will include networking opportunities with other beginning farmers!

The registration fee is $20 and covers lunch, a light breakfast, and educational materials.

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For more information, contact NCAT agriculture specialist Ann Baier, annb@ncat.org or 530-792-7338, or Anny Huang, UC Davis veterinary medicine, asahuang@ucdavis.edu




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