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Grain School #1: Harvesting Small Grains



With the industrialization of food production came the end of local grain and flour – and the loss of infrastructure and knowledge for growing and processing the grain. Along with the local food movement there has come a revival of local, small-scale grain production and a renewed appreciation of the remarkable variety and utility of locally-suited grains. Re-starting a regional grain economy involves the challenges of finding appropriate-scale equipment, varieties suited to local climate and soil conditions, and learning again the knowledge and skill of growing, cleaning and storing, milling, and baking. The Grain School aims to spread and build this knowledge and skill so that our local food systems include whole grains grown close to home.

The Grain School will feature hands-on experience with the range of activities involved in grain production, from seed selection and planting, through harvesting and cleaning, to milling and distribution. It is intended for those with serious interest in small grains (wheat, rye, oats, barley) and the group will be kept small to allow for maximum participation.

Grain School #1: Assessing readiness of grain for harvest, working with a bundle thresher, plot combine, and field combine.

To apply:
send a message to
telling us who you are, including your experience with small grains, and why you’d like to participate.

Priority given to applicants from Mendocino, Lake, Humboldt, and Sonoma Counties until June 21; application deadline is July 21 for session 1. After each deadline, we will be in touch to confirm participation in Grain School.

All four sessions are led by Doug Mosel, founder of the Mendocino Grain Project.

Price: $125 for each weekend session or $400 for all four.
Camping, lunch, materials included.



or office@school-of-adaptive-agriculture.org


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