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Fertigation Designer/Manager School



The class will cover new techniques in the control and application of fertilizers through irrigation systems and strategies to conform with the intent of the new nitrogen regulations in California. Other topics will include nitrogen fertilizers, challenges with phosphorus and potassium applications, growth enhancers, and organic-compliant ways to keep drip systems clean. Increasing yields per acre-foot of evapotranspiration (ET) through better fertility management, will also be discussed.



The Designer/Manager School is a comprehensive educational program offering a variety of classes designed for both agricultural and landscape irrigation professionals, taught by the very people who developed them - Charles M. Burt (Ph.D., P.E., CID); Stuart Styles (http://D.Engr., P.E., CID); Franklin Gaudi (Ed.D., CID, CAIS), and Dan Howes (Ph.D., P.E.). The classes are held at the ITRC facilities at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo.

Our objective is to offer you an excellent opportunity to:

  • receive practical information on key irrigation design and management concepts.
  • increase your competitive edge by learning what is essential versus interesting.
  • work with state-of-the-art management software.
  • gain "hands-on" technical experience with exceptional indoor and outdoor facilities.
  • experience a comprehensive, intensive course structure that substantially improves technical expertise.


Cal Poly Irrigation Training & Research Center


Irrigation Training & Research Center (ITRC)

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