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I have Things to Sell

Posted by Tractor Provider  |  Tractor Provider  |  Harare

Headline: Kubota Combine Harvesters

Combine Harvesters are modern and versatile equipment designed for harvesting various grain crops in an efficient manner. This machine performs all harvesting operations simultaneously, including reaping, threshing, gathering, and winnowing.

Mass quantities of grain can be harvested more efficiently using this complex but essential piece of equipment. It is a self-propelled machine and does not require a tractor to operate as opposed to its traditional predecessors.

Kubota is a trusted combine manufacturer that continues to adapt its machinery to the latest technology and as per the needs of farmers. Today's farmers can monitor their combined performance remotely using apps, which is a handy technological feature. Kubota has successfully mechanized traditional and labor-intensive farming activities like rice transplanting and harvesting through their reliable Combine Harvesters.

Choosing the right

... Read More

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I have Things to Sell

Posted by Julia Beckstoffer   |  Kiss my chicks   |  St Helena

Headline: Livestock Guardian Pups available- Purebred Armenian Gamprs

Armenian Gampr LGD pups for sale $1200

Traditional livestock guardian dogs for protection against predators. Intelligent and athletic working breed.
Born 12/8/21 2males 5 females available starting February 2nd.
Purebred Armenian Gamprs in several coat colors. Bred for effectiveness with wolves and larger predators. Mother is 140-150 lbs. Healthy and strong. These pups have been socialized in a farm environment. Mother is with goats. They will grow up to be excellent livestock guardians.
This ancient breed is an impressive deterrent with any potential threat to your livestock.
Serious inquiries and working homes only.
Contact for photos!

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I have Things to Sell

Posted by Tractors PK  |  Tractors PK  |  Gaborone

Headline: Massey Ferguson Tractors for Sale

Buy Agricultural equipment, New Holland and Massey Ferguson Tractors ranging from 50 HP to 85 HP at huge discounted price. We ship all agricultural equipment, farm tractors and other agricultural machinery to Dar es Salam, Tema, Abidjan, Lagos, Conakry, Dakar, Monrovia, Lome, Cotonou, Douala, Luanda, Mombasa, Port Sudan, Aden, Tunis, Tripoli and all other African ports.

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I have Things to Sell

Posted by Stephen Pedersen  |  High Ground Organics  |  Watsonville, CA

Headline: 2019 Hino 195 Truck

2019 Hino 195 with under 17,000 miles.
In Like-New condition
19,500 GVW
14 foot Morgan dry freight box with translucent roof and two rows of E-track
2000lbs Waltco tuckaway liftgate
210 HP, 440lb.-ft. torque, 5 liter turbo diesel engine
Aisin 6 speed automatic transmission

This is the heavy duty version of Hino's med-sized truck. It has oversized brakes and suspension and 19.5" rims and regroovable tires which last much longer than the 16" tires that the standard duty trucks use. Great size for doing farmers markets and local deliveries--large cargo capacity yet maneuverable in tight spaces. Good for extra heavy payloads like hard squash and potatoes--with a full load it drives like it is on rails!
$48,000 OBO (was $62,000 new)

Contact Phone: 831-334-6918

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I have Things to Sell

Posted by Joanna Letz  |  Bluma Farm  |  Berkeley

Headline: 14' Refrigerated Box Truck


Price: $59000


2016 Mercedes Benz 14' refrigerated box truck (Sprinter cab) with low

mileage (10,000)!

The Truck has insulated body and refrigerated unit with standby.

Also includes ample removable shelving.

Purchased new in August 2017.

Single owner.

No accidents.

(Includes sales tax)

Contact Joanna Letz at Bluma Farm-

I downsized my farm so I no longer need my truck. I am sad to sell this truck because it’s so nice and easy to drive. I needed this truck when I was growing 2 acres of cut flowers but now I’m growing on a ¼ acre and no longer need it. It’s perfect for a flower farmer or vegetable farmer and includes shelving.

Also has plug in capability- to keep cooler on when not driving.

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I have Things to Sell

Posted by Heidi Herrmann  |  Strong Arm Farm  |  Santa Rosa, CA

Headline: Selling Tuberose Lilies (CCOF Organic)

Double-petaled, white with pink tips, extremely fragrant, cold-hardy Tuberose Lily Bulbs for sale.

Frost adapted ‘Pearl’ variety.

Need full-sun, day heat, but can withstand occasional winter temps into the mid 20s and be left in the ground year-round. Grown in Sonoma County, CA.

Blooms in August, bulbs available every year.

Dug and shipped in January, need replanting soon thereafter.

50 for $75. plus shipping

100 for $140. plus shipping

200 for $275. plus shipping

Can sell by the 1000 as well.

Contact Heidi Herrmann

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I have Things to Sell

Posted by Kim Trevino  |  Trevino Family Farm  |  Madera

Headline: Poultry House, Egg Cartons, Feed and Produce Bins

For Sale

1. Mobile chicken coop (converted cotton trailer) $985

2. Mobile watering cart with nipple watering system for chickens $175

3. Chicken egg flats (grey paperboard) $23 for #58 flats

4. Goose egg cartons (clear plastic) $47 for #59 cartons

5. Duck/Turkey egg cartons (clear plastic) $90 for #217

http://6.Quail egg cartons (clear plastic) $45 for #46 cartons

7. Fish meal $70 for 100 lbs.

8. Flax meal $30 for 200 lbs

9. #30 yellow grape or produce bins. $100

10. #30 tan Versa Crate bins for veggies and fruits $135

11. #30 green Fresh Tote bins for larger veg $185

email or text/call 559-259-5691

Contact Phone: 559-259-5691

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I have Things to Sell

Posted by Alan Haight  |  Riverhill Farm  |  Nevada City, CA

Headline: We have a vacuum wand seeder for sale for $600. I...

We have a vacuum wand seeder for sale for $600. It's set up to seed 1040 flats, either 72 cell or 128 cell, and can easily handle seeding a flat in one minute. Switch needles for different seed sizes. Included is a pedal-activated vacuum, two wands (72, 128) and all the needle sizes needed for vegetable seeds. Lightly used and in excellent condition. Here's a link to the manufacturer's website: Email if interested.

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  |  tech  |  washington commented

06/03/20 1:49 AM

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Posted by Huaqiang99 Zhengzhou  |  Fertilizer machine manufacturers  |  Zhengzhou

Headline: Biofertilizer project share with you

The biofertilizer project is to be designed and used to produce the bio organic http://fertilizer.In the fertilizer manufacturing process it is to be equipped with different type and series fertilizer equipment.

In the fertilizer manufacturing process,it is to be equipped with the fertilizer mixer machine and fertilizer granulator machine to deal with the raw materials and then it is to be equipped with the fertilizer granulator machine to make bio organic fertilizer http://granulator.When producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator,the flat die granulator machine ,which this type granulator machine also can be used in organic fertilizer production line,is to be used to make bio organic fertilizer granulator.

The fertilizer machine manufacturers designed the biofertilizer project improve the working efficient of the bio organic fertilizer production http://process.At the same time,it also simplifies the fertilizer manufacturing process.

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I have Things to Sell

Posted by Huaqiang Yi  |   Huaqiang heavy industry technology co.,ltd  |  los angeles

Headline: Compost turning machine for sale

Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology http://Co.Ltd is one of leading fertilizer machine manufacturers China from 2001, we produce different types of machines required for fertilizer production, such as fertilizer granulator machine, fermentation compost turning machines, mixers, etc.

It has developed and produced the suitable equipment for the organic fertilizer production, bio organic fertilizer production and NPK fertilizer production line.

As we know, the fermentation compost turning machine is helpful in the organic fertilizer production line and biofertilizer project.

Fermentation is one important part of the organic fertilizer production, the quality of the fermentation affect the production directly. Our factory produces several kinds of the equipment, now let me introduce them for you.

1. Simple Groove Turning Machine :

The simple groove turning machine is used for fermenting and

... Read More

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01/17/20, updated
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